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                      SENIOR MUM GARTER - $60  (Click Here)

The perfect mum for the Guys and also for Pee Wees



The perfect mum for the guys


INCLUDES:               1 - 7 White Mum with ribbon backing in school colors

                                    2 Charms on mum and/or 3 Bear (specify if bear is wanted)

                                    Gold or silver Lame ribbon or all white garter

                                    1 Custom Braid (school colors)

                                    16 ribbon streamers (school colors or white with gold or silver for Seniors)

                                    Assorted metallic ribbons

                                    1 or 2 names (each on a separate 16 ribbon)

                                    Homecoming year ribbon

                                    2 garlands

                                    Trinket/Charms:         2 small helmets

                                                                     2 small megaphones

                                                                     4 jingle bells

                                                                     2 1 footballs


*Additional accessories may be added



Phone Number

Email Address

Name Of School

5 Digit Zip code


Homecoming Date

As soon as payment is received, work will began on your Mum or Garter.


First Name On Mum

Second Name On Mum

How do you want us to contact you?

Email     Phone


These items are included in the price of the mum

CHARMS (2 included your choice placed on flower)

Homecoming Arch

Heart Arch

Good Luck Horseshoe

3-D Star

Star with Homecoming

Star with Touchdown


Star with Senior

Star with Junior

Star with Sophomore

Star with Freshman

Homecoming Burst

Touchdown Charm


GARLANDS (2included your choice)



Small Hearts


#1 Sports

1 Chain link

Football Player



BRAID (1 Included in mum price)

16 with 2 school colors for Single, Double or Triple Mum


BEARS (1 included in mum price your choice)

3.5 Bear


LETTERS FOR RIBBONS ( 1 Homecoming 05 included)





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